Online Veterinary Support Consultation


Initial Consultation:
45 minutes video consultation with our experienced UK veterinary surgeon. This service includes feedback to your treating veterinarian. Our services are only available for UK residents.

After booking, we will aim to contact you within 24-48 hours. Appointments are arranged at a time to suit you and can be early morning or later in the evening if required. Please let us know if you feel it is more urgent. We use Teams video calls, as well as WhatsApp and FaceTime. We will email a questionnaire to fill out prior to the video consultation. You will also need to complete our registration form and consent form.

For each initial consultation, we make a donation to FIP Cats UK. This is a UK charity whose aim is that all cats should have equal access to legal FIP treatment.

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  • A review of the full history of your cat’s problem including veterinary diagnostic tests and treatments
  • Time to listen to your concerns and explain your cat’s condition
  • Feedback to your veterinary surgeon

Schedule appointment

Booking your  appointment:

Once you have placed your order, we will email you available time slots for your consultation.
Once the appointment is set, we will send you a link with instructions to connect with us. A time slot will be arranged to suit you. We use Teams video calls, as well as WhatsApp and FaceTime.

Please make sure you send us up to date and past test results or clinical notes, and sign and complete our consent and registration forms.

Consent and Registration forms:

Before our first video consultation, we need you to fill a Consent Form and a Registration form.
Both forms are available online:


Insurance coverage:

Depending on your coverage, this consultation may be reimbursed by your insurance. Please check the terms of your contract.