FIP Support UK

Helping owners, their vets, and their cats .

Get expert guidance and support for you and your cat. Our vet, Mark is here to help owners and their vets with cases suspected to be caused by FIP.
Mark is a very experienced and caring vet. He will provide comprehensive advice and explain the diagnostic and treatment options available for your beloved cat.
Our services are only available for UK residents.
Contact us to arrange a telemedicine consultation.

Our Services

We are here to help you, your cat and your vet. We are an advice only service which means we cannot make a diagnosis or recommend treatments. We are not here to sell you anything so our advice comes with no strings attached. We are here to listen to you, help you understand and help you choose the best options for your cat.

We aim to respond to bookings and contact requests within 24-48 hours. Do let us know if you need more urgent help. All of our consultations will be arranged at a time to suit you with slots available from early morning to the evening.

Set up a video consultation with our experienced vet

Initial Veterinary Support Consultation

45 minutes video consultation followed up with your veterinary surgeon.
Experienced UK Veterinary Surgeon

Available for UK residents only

  • A review of the full history of your cat’s problem including veterinary diagnostic tests and treatments
  • Time to listen, understand and explain – 45 minute video consultation
  • Feedback to your veterinary surgeon

Follow up Veterinary support consultation

20 minutes follow up video consultation.
Experienced UK Veterinary Surgeon

Available for UK residents only

  • 20 minutes video consultation, plus feedback with your primary care vet
  • Recommended after re-check and new tests
  • Monitor treatment progress
  • Review of overall health status

Veterinary support consultation

We welcome fellow vets and veterinary professionals to contact us

Do you have cats currently undergoing FIP treatment? Do you have questions or comments you would like to discuss? Are you interested in sharing feedback? Feel free to contact us.
(please note this service is exclusively for professionals)

Our Vision and Values

We love cats – we care about your cat, and we care about you.
We take time to listen, to explain, and to advise.